WiscNet Membership Services

WiscNet connects people. We create opportunities for our community to grow collaborations and share strategies. We work together to articulate needs and then we build connections, advance strategies and create services that solve the real-world problems of our members.

Membership in WiscNet is open to educational institutions and associations, libraries and associations, governmental organizations, hospitals and other healthcare providers, and other non-profit institutions. New members sign an annually-renewable Membership Memorandum of Understanding that describes the roles, responsibilities and fees. Our elected Board of Directors reviews and decides each such membership application.Contact WiscNet with questions or for more information
WiscNet’s Future Technologies Conference is a two-day conference during the spring in Madison. We invite provocative keynote speakers along with members of the WiscNet community to push attendees thinking forward as it relates to topics ranging from teaching and learning to advanced networking. Designated Member Representatives receives free registration.Contact WiscNet with questions or for more information
Interested in how your fellow members are implementing technology solutions in their organizations? WiscNet members can participate in our WiscNet Wire. Sessions are held monthly and are free for WiscNet members. The WiscNet Wire is the combination of WiscNet’s online newsletters, seminars, events, and publications. Examples include the WiscNet Wire Newsletter (email & online), interviews with state and national experts in educational technology (1:1 Google Hangouts), and online events for WiscNet members.Contact WiscNet with questions or for more information
WiscNet Technical Support staff regularly assists members with network related issues for which WiscNet may not have a specific service offering. Not all consulting issues are large in scope, and difficult in the extreme. Perhaps you’d like to register a domain name for which WiscNet is not authoritative, but have no idea how to go about it. We can consult with you do it for you, or walk you through the process so you can do it for yourself the next time.Contact WiscNet with questions or for more information
WiscNet is partnering with Michigan’s research & education network, Merit, to provide a variety of professional training opportunities.Contact WiscNet with questions or for more information