Our mission is to fortify research, education, and public service with advanced communication technologies. It is done in partnership. It is accomplished by strengthening the association, the members, and the communities to which we belong. It is championing the Wisconsin Idea by advancing high-performance networks and services that extend member resources throughout the state and beyond.

Grow the People Network

WiscNet connects people. We create opportunities for our community to grow collaborations and share strategies. We work together to articulate needs and then we build connections, advance strategies and create services that solve the real-world problems of our members. A well designed “people network” lets the entire WiscNet community make simple and intuitive use of our most valuable resource: each other.

Grow More Networks for Wisconsin

During our twenty plus years together, our members have grown and advanced network capable of moving tens of gigabits per second around Wisconsin and beyond. We will continue to grow our shared network, as well as take strategic steps forward by growing other high-performance networks. We will help the WiscNet community, public and private, grow more networks capable of moving hundreds of gigabits per second, enabling Wisconsin and our communities to advance.

Grow Services Beyond the Network

Our members trust our association to deliver and sustain a robust, cost-effective network. By relying upon and prudently developing this trust among our members, we want to grow new services that will make full use of an advanced ubiquitous network infrastructure. While the network will remain the top priority, we will take a fresh analysis of our core competencies in order to develop new services for and beyond the network.