Connecting People

We create opportunities for our community to grow, collaborate, and share strategies.

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Connecting Networks

We have grown and advanced networks capable of moving tens of gigabits per second.


Connecting Strategies

Our members trust our association to deliver and sustain a robust, cost-effective network.

“WiscNet is as concerned with people as with technology. Don’t underestimate the importance of this concern. Humans give our networks their shape and purpose. When it comes to serving PK-12 institutions, WiscNet’s concern translates into student learning and access to information. It’s not just part of their motto, it’s how they do business.”
Kimberly Bannigan - Learning Information Systems Coordinator, DeForest Area School District
“As Wisconsin competes in the global economy we need to make absolutely certain that our school and libraries have (high-speed, affordable) access, especially in rural areas. WiscNet now provides this access, and much more, at very affordable costs.”

Tony Evers - Wisconsin State Superintendent, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
“Private-sector telecommunications have been unable to appropriately respond to the economic issues faced by municipalities, counties, and learning institutions. The collaborative/cooperative concept associated with WiscNet and its partners/members has been win/win, kept broadband Internet in member schools cost-effective, and, certainly, coincides with the “Wisconsin Idea.”
Jeff Holmes - District Administrator, Germantown School District
403, 2015

Announcing: Jonathan Chambers – Keynote Speaker

It’s possible we’re biased when we say this, but we honestly don’t think so — folks, the Future Technologies Conference 2015 is shaping up to be our best yet. We’re excited to tell you that joining Susan Crawford as keynote speaker in May is Jonathan Chambers, Chief of the Federal […]

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1602, 2015

E-Rate Opportunities Ahead in 2016

A few weeks back I shared a pile of very interesting changes introduced to E-Rate 2016. Summary: In 2016 schools and libraries will be able to apply E-Rate funding to building and/or buying their own fiber to WiscNet. The FCC is also adding a few billion to the program in […]

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402, 2015

Future Technologies Conference 2015 Call for Proposals

We’re looking for a handful of great sessions to round out the program for the upcoming WiscNet Future Technologies Conference 2015. Interested? Awesome.

What are we looking for? Our conference draws in an interesting, diverse cross-section of WiscNet’s membership. The easiest way to explain folks is, “Information Technology leadership” in schools, […]

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